Saturday, December 23, 2017

Jerusalem as Capital of Israel-2

Now look at the reaction that the so called Islamic world did. They called a meeting of the ineffective OIC (organization of Islamic countries) and declared their so called solidarity with the Palestinians which means it is not going to do anything except put out words backed by nothing concrete. There are so called 57 Countries in the ineffective OIC and they are more concentrated at containing Iran than in dealing with Israel. Even some so called Islamic countries in their hatred for Shiite Iran deal clandestinely with Israel. The matter of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel is just not the important in the Islamic or for that matter Arab national as they are at each other’s neck trying to sabotage whatever little unity they have based on a shared religion (or is it really). Even if the United States hadn’t declared it the capital of Israel, Israel always believed it was and it knew that the Arabs and the Muslim cannot do anything about that claim.

At the end of the day it is the Palestinians (with some help from Iran and maybe Turkey) will be doing the heavy lifting of protesting and confronting Israel as the wealthy Islamic nations and close ally of the United States can’t do anything since this conflict started many decades ago. Word of condemnation not followed by any action is useless and looking by the situation in the so called Islamic world, it is entirely believable that Palestinians will be subject to Israeli laws and the concept of two nation theory, which I never subscribed too before and neither did any of the Islamic nations will be just a dream forever.

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