Sunday, December 10, 2017

Immigration hits a sour note

Since the unorganized immigrant opening in Germany the last two years, the world has woken up to being sour on the whole issue of Immigration, legal or illegal. The world and especially the west has become tired of allowing immigration and in the disguise of being tired have allowed the virus of racism to wake up again whether they realize it or not. I can understand that the war in Syria has created an avalanche of refugees fleeing it but in the disguise of refugees, there were some unscrupulous elements taking advantage of the situation and trying to creating havoc in their host counties. And it is these elements that have made the trek of future refugees a lot harder. The German decision to open up its border to more than one million refugees was not a wise decision as it has created an era of hostility among local people and has given rise to far right and ultra nationalist in those countries.
If it is was possible, Germany should have gradually opened up its border and increased it intakes of refugees slowly and incrementally so there is no backlash against them in their countries. Even if the host countries (namely European) population are falling, still they do not want refugees who have a different, religion, race and ethnicity overwhelming their cities in such vast numbers and as the number of terror incidents have shown that even if there has been no terrorist among the refugees, the fact that the long wait to have legal status and staying in camps with inadequate facilities can make even the most patient person resort to desperate measures like attacking other people because he/she don’t see his/her situation improving anytime soon due to the long backlog of having legal statues. The unrelenting refugees crisis from poor African countries and central and Latin American countries have created a backlash in their host countries for even the legal immigration. But I fear that the lure of earning a decent living without a fear of violence or crime and stable economies of the rich countries will always have the attraction of the downtrodden. 
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