Saturday, December 23, 2017

Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

The United States after several decades’ long policy decided that it is time to recognize that Jerusalem is and will remain the Capital of Israel notwithstanding the outcry by the Muslim world and the warnings by its allies that it will create new unrest in the Middle East. And as it was predicted, the most noise has been coming from the Palestinians themselves with some pockets in other so called Muslim and Arab countries as these countries know that they cannot do anything except to protest silently. These so called Islamic countries are fighting among themselves and they don’t have the stamina or the strength or the military might to do anything about this decision. Obviously there was going to some violence and it will continue and it will surely embolden the jihadi elements but beyond the movement of the embassy will take years to do it and it is just a symbolic gesture by only one country.

This decision was not made out of blue but was one of the core campaign pledges of the current President, so people should not have been surprised about it as the President is elected by the American people and when he promised to fulfill his pledge, there should not have been any surprise element to it since the President has to go back to the American people to get elected the second time and he will be judged by how he has fulfilled his campaign pledge not by how the world reaction is to his decision.

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