Thursday, December 7, 2017

NISA empowerment:much needed

Growing up as an Asian female child is like "survival of the fittest"! i was raised up as a perfect example of, “the strong, independent women “but then LIFE HAPPENED.I got to know that people all around us don't want women to be powerful or independent, the words were; women are supposed to be 'timid,shy,vulnerable,nervous,faint hearted,pusillianamious and worst of all 'QUEEN OF THE KITCHEN'.I mean women don't have liberty for anything here in Asian countries(especially the developing countries),those who stand up to do anything are called ill-names and are criticized to such an extent that women in the rural areas in my country are being killed in NAME OF HONOUR.i have seen scenarios of maltreatment given to women in various parts of the world, but situation here is dire and requires SERIOUS AND PROFESSIONAL attention, an example of this is : two days back a women was killed just because she committed the crime of not serving her husband with warm, delicious meal. Let’s take another example from real life a patient of mine came with head bandage on her cranium,when interrogated it was found out that she was beaten by her mother-in-law, reason being, she served the family with under cooked food. These are just a few examples. CRUX OF THE MATTER is that my country requires women empowerment because of this malevolent mentality and strong ill-beliefs of people, women are deprived of basic right to education, carrying out a professional careers and many other acceptable rights to life.
NEED OF THE HOUR is, I need suggestions to implement strong steps for providing women with the basic rights. What would you do if you were one of the few privileged women; living in such circumstances???
Post Submitted by M.S.

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