Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Fourth Anniversary of My Father’s Death

Yet another year has passed and here I am again mourning the fourth death anniversary of my beloved father. During the past year I have on occasions seen him in my dreams but only once I saw him leaving me forever, on all the other occasions I have always seen him young and never sick. But anyway, people say that time heal everything (my post in the future) and I do believe it really does but does it really heal if your parents or your kids or your siblings pass away, I am not so sure. I mean I miss my father’s voice, his face, his advice (although I did not usually agreed with that) and just his presence was so much reassuring to me and above all I feel blessed to have him near me. Now that four years I have passed, I still feel like he is near me and looking at me. It is really tough to lose one's parent especially if you are super close to your father or mother. I don’t have words to say how much I miss him and sometimes when remembering him brings tears to my eyes. When I look at people enjoy close bonding with their fathers, I just feel so sad that I don’t have that kind of opportunity to have his presence felt. Although he lived his life to the fullest, but I still feel that I need him now more than ever because it is so hard to be without a father even if you live to be hundred years old.

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