Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Huffing and Puffing and doing nothing for improvement

We the people not only the Americans but generally the human race complains a lot. We complain about everything even if we have it or not have it or lose it temporarily to some natural or manmade disaster. We have to complain about it otherwise we will not be called humans. Sometimes the complaining helps and sometimes it does but most of the time it does not and you just keep on huffing and puffing but do the same thing again and again. Are we that helpless that we cannot even change little and complaining comes as the easy way out? I believe that is the case for most of the people but there are some people who do complain and then takes steps to rectify or at least mitigate the problem. Take for example the unemployment situation, there are literary millions of people out there who have given up searching for jobs because they believe there are none out there but do they sincerely believe that they have done enough to look or just do something on their own instead of doing the same thing again and again like sending resumes which does not elicit an answer back. I also do complain and it is really the easiest part but there is another part of me which wants to mitigate my situation by doing something to improve my situation. Getting a job is the easy part but going your own way if you can't find one is truly the path to self satisfaction.

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