Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Are we putting too much burden on our kids?

This is the question the experts and some parents are asking but not all are saying that we are putting too much in fact some say that the kids are having an easy time so those parents more of the activities into their kids lives and at the end of the day, the child is too tired and goes straight to bed. This question arose because I see kids shows that show hyper competitive among little kids and also the spelling bee competition that I attended recently which was more of the same about parent being proud and tired kids trying to please their parents and spell words in a dream like manner. Then there is the beauty pageant that you see on television and parents going crazy and sometimes vicious in order to make sure their kids win even if the kids just want to rest or go home. Our culture has becomes so competitive not only in sports but in education given more tuition and study time to the kids to compete so that they may get not good but great grades and then secure their position in good colleges and get good jobs that we lost sight of the most important party the kids and what they really want. We are just pushing our own ambition down the throats of our kids so that what we did not achieve they should achieve that it becomes really crazy as the time goes by. Very few voices are being raised about the undue burden we are placing on our kids and this debate should now be raised more.

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