Thursday, January 24, 2013

Raiding your retirement funds for survival

A news came in recently that financial stressed out people are raiding their retirement funds in increasing numbers which is alarming the financial experts since they believe that when the paycheck is coming, they are still raiding their retirements funds, what would happen when it stops coming when these same people reach retirement. So what is wrong with that? I have been in the same boat and I have suffered penalties and now with a job I am building again. These financial experts have nothing else to do but to criticize what seems to be reasonable and logical or desperate people will do in this kind of situation. If nobody is giving you a loan due to your financial condition and you cannot turn to your friends and family and you don’t have funds for a rainy day, do these financial experts have a fund set up for these people so they can tap into that funds. It is very easy to judge other people when you are doing just fine. I have been in these shoes and I know how hard it is get funds to run your day to day lives if you are unemployed. At least these people are using their own funds, not going on welfare or begging for money on the streets. And why so much emphasis on retirement, I don’t get it, people are willing to work till in their seventies so the retirement is out of the question for most of the people. Let people make their own choices regarding their own finances and don't judge them unless you are in their shoes and then you can start to raise alarm about retirement funds which are not yours.

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