Monday, January 28, 2013

No tax but still enjoying benefits

If people (particularly the Republicans) have their way, there would not have been any taxes in this country of ours. But if there are no taxes then how should be pay for all the benefits that we enjoy as a citizen. Even with as low tax as possible, can we keep on providing benefits, whose expenses are increasing every year. I believe that if you ask anybody that if they would like their social security, Medicare benefits should be reduced or curtailed and the answer you would find will be increasingly in the negative. The alternative is to reduce spending but how can reduce something when people are so used to it and it is not just the middle class but even upper class people enjoy these benefits and don’t want it to be reduced. It is getting tiring to hear some conservatives keep on preaching spending cuts and no tax increases and then give us no solution to how we are supposed to fund our luxurious benefits that we are increasing making it a birthright. Let us have a realistic discussion about it without fear of any not getting reelected or emotions coming in the way and bring out the facts so that instead of giving fuzzy and feel good language about reducing expenditures, less taxes, less welfare and cutting off aid to the needy and poor and start with how we are going to do it at the same time keeping our cherished benefits at heart and getting all worked up when talk about slashing them comes to the forefront.

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