Saturday, April 30, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Turkey

After an almost three hour journey, we reached Istanbul Ata Turk International airport. After going through the boarding passes for our connecting flight the next day and arguing with the staff of the Turkish airlines, we finally got our seats next to each other. Then after paying USD 20.00 each for a 90 day visas (each country which is suppose to get a visa on arrival in Turkey if you want to enter it will have different rates for visas of different durations. We came out of the immigration area and went straight to the Turkish airlines hotel reservation and converted some US dollars in Turkish Lira and boarded the bus to our hotel. As we exited the airport, we saw rain for the first time in 12 days and it was refreshing.

Our hotel was on the Ankara side of Turkey and the airport was on the Istanbul side. During our trip to the hotel, most of the people in our group were deciding to go to visit some famous landmarks in Istanbul and we decided that we were too tired to do any sight seeing on this trip and will come back when we come there exclusively for vacation. After reaching the hotel and getting keys to our room, we went upstairs to find that the room was filled with smell from someone smoking. We then had to call the reception desk to get it sprayed to clear the smoke.

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