Saturday, April 30, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Iraq-13

At the first check point, we were asked to put our luggage on the ground and we were suppose to go and get physically checked by the guards while our bags and the buses were checked by dogs. After that the bags were again put back in the buses and we reached the final departure lounge where again we were subject to physical checkup and the bags again checked by dogs but not in front of us. Just to point one thing out that all the checking were done physically by the guards, while the men side was more relaxed, but on the women side my wife was saying that they checked thoroughly touching and squeezing the bra areas and the underwear area to make sure everything was fine. I happen to saw some U.S. officials at the airport by the way they were sporting tattoos.

After the physical check up, we proceeded to get our bags and get our boarding passes and then spent some time in the departure lounge. We were all dreary eyes and just wanted to take the flight as soon as possible to our next destination to Istanbul, Turkey. After our gates were announced and another round of security check up of our carryon luggage, we proceeded to enter the plane and leave the most amazing journey of our life behind.

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