Saturday, April 30, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Turkey-2

The first thing I check whenever I am in a new place (or hotel) is how clean is the bathrooms and that is exactly what I did and I liked what I saw, a neat very clean bathroom with ample of towels and cleaning items. After settling down in the nice beds, I immediately took a shower and it was refreshing to have a nice bath. After that we were trying to decide whether to go out and find a burger area to eat our dinner but we decided that we were too tired to do that and ordered in room service. While the order was given, my daughter was playing with the remote and of all the 25 channels on the Television, only 1 (BBC world service) was in English, the rest were in Turkish or French or with Turkish subtitles.

Anyway after eating our burger (which was really big, delicious and fulfilling) we decided to hit the bed to wake up in the morning when our bus was supposed to be here by 8.00 to take us to the airport. In the morning, since we had only our carryon to pack, we went downstairs to get our breakfast and it was a big one with all kinds of things to choose from. After eating, our bus came and we headed back to the airport. After checking in with the immigration, we decided to eat burgers and some ice cream and then headed towards the final check in with our boarding passes and passports in hand to catch our flight to the U.S.

Just a note that I did not tune in to the internet for the at least 7 days and was really fine with it. You should try it too, it is not that difficult.

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