Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Syria

Well right now the travel to Syria may not be on the lighter side but this is what I and my family went this month to two volatile countries- Syria and Iraq (whose travel adventures I will describe later) and on the way we had a stopover in Istanbul, Turkey. But anyway starting with Syria, when we were making plans to go there (with a big group), I was just praying that all goes well. Most of the people whom I spoke to with my travels plans were very surprised and concerned that I was first of all going to the middle east as it is not one of the favorite destinations of Americans or for any one not there for the first time but of all places Syria and also Iraq. They had started to question my choice of vacation and that too with my family.

As opposed to Syria, I was much more relaxed with Iraq since I knew that it was much calmer as compared to Syria and also we had our forces there and it has already gone through it shares of extreme violence and was much settled in terms of disruptions and violence. But coming back again to Syria, the first step was to get the visa, since we were traveling with a group, the visa was the responsibility of the tour guide and it did not take much time to get one. As for the Iraqi visas, we were supposed to get at an Iraqi airport. Just to make a note here that it would have been harder especially for the Americans to get individual visas of Syria as opposed to a group one.

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