Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Syria-4

Although Turkey is a Muslim Country but alcohol is served and available freely and this is what was offered on their airline also along with the regular assortment of sodas and water. Food is good but it all depends on your taste. After we landed at the Istanbul airport for a brief stopover (almost 5 hours), we were faced with the choice of what to do with those hours. The first thing I did was to convert my American money with theirs. One U.S. dollar is equivalent to approximately 1.53 Turkish liras. Although all the international airports are expensive but I was shocked to particularly see that Istanbul airport was really expensive. Your American dollars don’t really go far enough here.

A small ice cream cone (Turkish one) with one scoop cost 4 U.S. dollars. Prices are usually quoted in U.S. dollars, Euros and Turkish liras. We were hungry as it was lunch time and we found Burger king but as usual with 10 dollars burgers and 4 dollars cokes. But what can you do if you have hungry family and you cannot go outside the airport. It is not that big of an airport but with usual international variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and currency exchanges. Passengers waiting to catch their plane or in transit waiting for their flight to depart. When our plane gate was announced, we went through the usual security checkup before boarding a plane to Damascus, Syria.

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