Sunday, January 20, 2019

The forced Advertisements

As many of you watch YouTube®, I have started to notice any annoying thing that of ads which you are forced to watch and can’t skip. Usually some of the ads which seem to be few and far and are longer have a skip ad options which I sure believe many of people use it to watch their videos but for ads that are less than 10 seconds, you are forced to watch it and there is no skip button. I can understand that websites have to make money but even for a song or some little videos, it is excruciating to watch ads before you go on to watch your videos. Sometimes even for a news item video, one has to go through sometimes 30 seconds of video ads just to watch a two minute clip. And in news videos, you don’t have the option to skip ads.
I know that it may become a future staple where if you want to watch a free video, you would have to sit through the ads to enjoy it. It is just an annoying nuisance and there seems to be no way around it unless you want the ad-free version of the websites, where you would have to pay in order to enjoy it. It is all part of the effort by the media companies to generate revenues whichever way they can in order to offset the costs of streaming and to make up for the lost revenues due to lower subscription to the paper publication and also to increase revenues in order to pay for the increasing expense of proprietary and exclusive content that is now the buzz word for every streaming media. The more exclusive your content is the more you can charge your subscribers and advertisers. I hate it but have to deal with the necessary evil.

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