Sunday, January 6, 2019

The 10th Anniversary of my Father’s Death

Another year, another death anniversary, it is true that time heals everything but not the parting of your loved ones especially if it is your child, your parents or your siblings. The day was Friday, January 3rd, 2009 when I got that life devastating and altering phone call from my sister that my father had passed away. I still miss my father immensely and just to hear his voice will be the greatest gift of all. But after you leave this world, you venture into the next with nothing under your control and so I mourn another year without him in silence as I being his only son knows how to mourn in my own way, celebrating his achievements, being proud of his son and trying to strive to be the son he wanted me to be. Sometimes I feel so lost that I feel like I have nobody to guide me where to go when a problem arises as I don’t feel I can confide my problems to anyone and if there is anyone who can see through me to know how I need help.
Parents are a true blessing and if you lose one, you lose a part of yourself which some people may quite not understand if they had not had close relationship with their parents. I may not have inherited many of this traits but I am very proud to be his son and I am eternal great GOD gave me enough time to enjoy his company and gain from his insights in life and his wisdom. May GOD bless his eternally and may be enjoying his life in Heaven. I love you DAD.

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