Sunday, January 20, 2019

And the Government shutdown continues

The longest in the U.S. history, the shutdown continues over a budget deal that no side either the Democrats or the Republican President is willing to budge. Since the Congress is getting paid during this shutdown, the effect of this childish behavior has started to increasing impact every day Americans working class. The dispute over the payment of the wall between Mexico and United States is increasingly being played out to the world in ridiculous ways than it was intended. I wrote long time ago in my blog that the neither parties are interested to get rid of this debt ceiling and each side use it to their advantage to keep the government open for a while till the next doomsday debt ceiling limits hits and they try to get whatever they can to get their agenda (whatever it can be) included in the budget deal.
Instead of automatic extensions in the debt ceiling, the bickering and increasing divisive parties of the United States tries to get what they think their voters or constituents want and don’t hear the fact that the people of the United States only want things to work smoothly since it is they who will eventually foot the bill. But working together on budget deals is so loathsome to these parties that in order for what they want, they will hurt people and their country in the process. But again since the representatives are elected from people, it is also the people’s fault that they are electing them to do these kinds of things. That is why people are not confident; their representatives are listening to them and we will have to wait how long this shutdown continues.

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