Sunday, January 20, 2019

A new trend in Unforgiveness

Recently an actor who was supposed to be host of the Oscar show had to withdraw because some of things he said about gays came online and he said it seven or eight years ago and people have pounced on it like he has committed capital. He has since apologized but in this politically charged and political correct climate when everybody wants people to be angels from the day they are born, it did not matter much. One can say one thing at one time and can redeem themselves after a while, you are not the same frame of mind when you are young and talk things with your friends which are just a joke but later on, you gain enough insight to retract your statement and apologize. But NO, now people want everybody to have a clean childhood and talk about being inclusive from day one.
Everybody wishes that it be a peaceful world and everybody embraces all kinds of people and don’t say anything bad but it does not work that way. Sometimes you can say things which are ignored during a time of jest but it despite offering apologizes, some people don’t want to forgive them. It seems the so called political correct people also have monsters in their closet and they should be afraid of getting them revealed. People makes mistakes during their younger years and when they don’t fully comprehend the gravity of their words, but people should be able to have the courage to forgive them when someone apologizes; otherwise they are not creating any friends of allies.

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