Tuesday, December 25, 2018

U.S decision to pull troops out of Syria

President Trump of the United States surprised his security team, the generals and the whole world, when he declared victory in the war against Islamic State (IS) and decided to pull out of Syria troops numbering roughly 2,000. It has been slammed by everybody including his hardened supporters and allies but the fact is it was the right decision. The United States has long been considered the World’s Policeman which it should not be and it has been given that U.S. troops should be ever present in all conflicts going on around the world and that is why the world has been complacent and enjoying relative prosperity at the expense of the United States. As for people saying that it gives Russia, Iran and Syria a relative advantage, so be it. The United States never intended to stay there permanently and it was time that since Islamic State is now defeated, the U.S. should get out of there.
Another thing to notice is that, the United States military is very much on the move and it can be deployed at a moment’s notice, thanks to its numerous bases around the world and its floating bases of aircraft carrier in almost all the oceans. And if Islamic State ever emerges again, the troops can be sent to the region really fast unlike other countries that are limited by their defense budgets and capabilities of their armed forces. Another decision which did not get that much scrutiny in all this commotion was the decision to pull out some of troops from Afghanistan. Again the right thing to do as we can send more troops when and if the need arises.

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