Sunday, December 2, 2018

Amazon’s Second Headquarters

After a yearlong search and creating a big hype about bringing 50 thousand jobs and around 5 billion dollars in investment, the decision was finally made to split the headquarters into two and thus New York and Virginia was chosen. The tax breaks given by both states obviously played a part in this decision but now some New Yorkers are claiming that a company as rich as Amazon does not deserve billions of dollars in tax breaks and this money could have been used elsewhere to better the lives of ordinary New Yorkers, although the top politicians who have worked really hard for this may disagree to this idea. Although with the split of the headquarters into two, the number of people to be employed also splits into 25 thousand each. And with that more pressure on public transportation and housing costs, cost of living and crowded neighborhoods.
I believe that with Amazon coming to New York and Virginia, there will indeed be some adjustments and costly adjustments to all facts of lives for New York but it will also have an economic impact as more start ups and other related fields will come close to where the Amazon headquarters will be and although the housing costs nearby will increase, homeowners who are already there will see the prices of their house increase but other areas close by will also see more economic activity due to this presence. There are some people who will always protest, as it is their right to protest but protest like these will not stop the march to progress as New York being a high cost state needs these jobs whether some people will like it or not.

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