Sunday, December 16, 2018

The French are rioting

Lately the French are becoming frustrated with their government and especially their President and having been rioting for the last three weeks. It all started with the increase in the price of fuel to fight climate change. French are already very heavily taxed and this may have been the last straw that people went ballistic and started this protest which has turned ugly enough to force the French government to retract the fuel tax but it does not seem to placate the rest working class people who are burden with so much tax that they have very few money left at the near end of the month to feed their families. It also does not help that the general public sees the French President as being elite and out of touch with the problems of the working class poor people of rural France who are struggling to make ends meet.
According to one recent study, the French are the most taxed people in the industrialized west and are getting taxed more and more. The climate change can be taken care of but to put more burden on people who are ill prepared to even feed their families just so that in the future the climate will be less polluted does not help their working class present situation. And if the government really cares about the climate then the rich should be taxed and also protection should be provided to the most vulnerable sections of society. Because you cannot expect working people to not think about the present while trying to preserve or save the future in which they may or may not have any stake. The present should be taken care now and the future would take care of itself if enough content people are convinced that it is in their own interest.

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