Sunday, December 2, 2018

The migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexican Border

The crisis of asylum seekers at the Mexican border does not seem to die down as recently some of the asylum seekers desperate about their situation tried to gate crash the border with U.S. resulting in firing of tear gas by U.S. border agents to stop the migrants from illegally crossing into the United States. As usual, this supposedly harsh response has been criticized by some Americans and defended by some. Whatever is the case, this kind of behavior has resulted in a slowdown of the asylum process and dim prospects for the peaceful asylum seekers who did not take part in this mayhem. I understand their desperation but this kind of activity has harmed both their cause to seek asylum and also slow down the process of their application as from time to time, the border gets closed for hours and the backlog grows due to this situation.
And I also understand their right to claim asylum, but it should be done legally and in an orderly fashion, otherwise the border can again close of hours or even days resulting in harming not only the asylum seekers but Mexican citizens who travel daily across the borders and the flow of goods between the two countries. And also the borders cannot be open to let anyone in, like one cannot open their home to someone for indefinite period of time without knowing what kind of person they are and even if they know, they would still not let them stay indefinitely. So the people supporting the migrants should relax and chill and let the law takes its course as it do for millions of people who legally come to the United States through legal channels and legal points of entry.

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