Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Year in Review-2016

2016 was a year when something unexpected happened around many areas of the world. I would not go into much detail on every event but the major ones were always on my mind as the year went by, the biggest of which were the British decided that they don’t want to part of a European Union where they have to give up their sovereignty (meaning Immigration mostly) and in a referendum which many predicted would have the British stay in, shocked many when the results just came the opposite that Britain would leave the European Union. Since that time the decision has become chaotic as both sides the remaining European Union countries and Britain are digging their heals to make sure each get the maximum benefit when the separation occurs. The next big news was the election of the President Elect Donald Trump in the United States, despite all the polls telling the opposite. It was a nasty election with attacks and counter attacks but it awoke the rural white population who seemed to be left out of all the economic achievements of the past several years. In the election process, many outrageous promises were made which to me and several experts seems impossible to achieve but let’s see if even half of the promises are going to be kept. The Syrian conflict has completed five years with no end in sight for the refugees and no clear winner in the conflict but with the arrival of the Russian forces, the tide appears to be turning in favor of the government.

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