Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ending of Special Immigration status for Cubans

Although I knew that Cubans have some special status as soon as they come to the United States like they will not be deported but I was quite surprised to learn that as soon as the reach the U.S. soil, they were automatically granted asylum without or without having a visa and within a year, they could apply for a green card. Now with the ending of this policy, some of the Cubans waiting to join their families are feeling a sense of betrayal by the United States. I am not so sure that they should now complain about a policy which was very unfair to other group of people who were also trying to enter the U.S. I meant to say how it is fair that Cubans got to come to the U.S. illegally mostly and then apply for a green card while all other desperate and destitute people who are fleeing war and persecution and certain death have to wait for many years before they are allowed to enter the U.S. Now I believe that it is selfish on the part of the Cubans to fret about a policy which was unfair to start with as there was no level playing ground to enter the U.S. like all the other countries, just because Cuba was communist and the U.S. wanted to help the Cubans gain entry to the U.S. while unsuccessfully undermine the Cuban government. Now when this unjust policy is scraped by the U.S., it should only seem fair to stand in line like all other poor and destitute people from war ravaged countries to enter the U.S. with proper paper work. The Cubans have enjoyed this policy since 1995 and it was now time to end it but they will still able to fast track their immigration process if they can now convince the U.S. that they will be persecuted back home if not allowed in the U.S. so they are still the privileged class of immigrants.

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