Saturday, January 14, 2017

The hacking that won’t go away

Since the U.S. election has ended and even before that hacking of the internet has been a main topic for all business. Hacking has been going on for years now with each new hacking being bigger and bolder and the victims’, mostly big corporations scrambling to contain the fallout on their businesses and customers. It seems that the businesses either are losing the war on cyber security or their shrug it as long as their customer understand that they will be protected or the customer just shrug it and move on. But this time hacking has taken on a whole new threat when increasingly the U.S. intelligence agencies have come to a conclusion that some Russian hackers backed by the Russian government combined their forces to under the U.S. election and elect their favored candidate over the other. As the Russian government has denied any involvement in the plot to hack the U.S. elections, there have been increasing calls to investigate this allegation and if true punish the Russians in some form. I don’t know how far this investigation will go as the President Elect is not convinced of the Russian hacking. But as the calls are coming increasingly from both parties to investigate, this should be thoroughly investigated and if some decision is to be taken, it should be taken sooner and we should protect our election next time around and move on to the next big issues facing the U.S. Or if you don’t like their hacking, you should hack some of theirs too. I think it is simple as that, although it will become another tit for tat cold war fight which will not be good for the world.

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