Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Year in Review-2016-2

The European migrant crisis got out of control but by the end of the year seems to be in better shape than before as migrants both economic and war refugees have realized that Europe has started to withdraw its welcoming mat in the face of the local population and also by the uncontrolled migration with no check in place. Many of migrants although genuine still harbor a small number of radical Muslims who have no sympathy with how the genuine refugees are treated have resorted to terrorize their local hosts and this in turn have soured the mood against the migrants. The cause of the migrants, mostly Muslims, have also not helped that almost all of the terror attacks are being done by Muslims radicals who sympathize or have pledged allegiance to the Sunni Muslim Terror group, ISIS. There were attacks in Nice, France by a truck killing dozens and also in Orlando, Florida, US, there was an attack on a gay bar and also in Germany, there have been several attacks by sympathizers of ISIS and this has already aggravated the hostility towards anything Islamic. In addition to the above mentioned major events, the world lost a lot of famous celebrities during the year including, George Michael, Prince, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and many others. Hopefully the New Year will be better than last year and that is the only thing we can wish as the year starts to roll by.

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