Friday, April 3, 2015

Restroom stories

Ok before I proceed any further, I would like to warn my readers that some of the things will gross you out (as it has been from time to time). I have this obsession that where I go I had to check or you can say nature forces me to check out the rest rooms. Be it in a hotel room or lobby, a resort or my or any workplace or the grosses of them all public restrooms and the colorful, the school or the college restrooms. It is human nature that urges you to go relieve yourself wherever are. If you itching to go, it will not matter whether the rest room is clean or not, you will have to finish your job. I try to avoid the restrooms but if it is emergency I try to make sure that I just go for the No. 1 (peeing) because there is no option to go for No. 2 (shitting) although to be fair I have done No. 2 in extreme urgency and believe me it is not I want to wish upon somebody friend or enemy. Although the house toilets are clean as they can be when you visit somebody's home, the same cannot be said about public restrooms as it is used by millions of people who may not follow your own hygiene standards. I know it is gross but sometimes when you are in a public restroom you see that some people don’t even have the courtesy to flush down the toilet. You don’t have to use your hands, just use your shoes but I guess they think that their shoes are cleaner than the restroom they have entered into.

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