Friday, April 3, 2015

On the lighter side-Travel-Lake Placid, New York-2

Approaching our hotel we saw lots of kids with families holding hockey sticks as there was an Olympic Ice hockey nearby. And snow had already fallen with temperature rising a little bit creating slush in the parking lot. After parking we went to the reception area to find the keys and went to our room. It was a spacious room with views of the lake and a fireplace. As the night had already fallen, we ate what we had brought with us and I being the main driver, being exhausted, decided to hit the bed early. In the morning that was another story as we had our breakfast and started to venture to a nearby place which was one of the sights of ski jumping and it had a tall tower where you were supposed to go up the elevator and at the end you can see the whole of Lake Placid area and the nearby mountains with snow covered tops. This was the only thing that we did as there is not much to do around at this time of year with snow all over the place and very few people venturing outside. The village of Lake Placid has all the things you would need to stay with diners, outlet shops and lodgings galore. Anywhere you stay, you can just step outside and venture along the sidewalk and you are within easy reach of all the unique shops that Lake Placid has to offer. We went into some shops to buy some stuff and then came back to our hotel. The hotel had a nice pool with whirlpool and sauna and at night we went there to take a dip.

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