Friday, April 3, 2015

A visit to the cemetery

Recently I visited one of the cemeteries located in central New Jersey where my mother in law is buried along with some of my in laws relatives and acquaintances. It is really a huge cemetery with graves dating back to the last century. Cemeteries are generally a quite place to visit as it is a solemn reminder that if you visiting alive, you will one day come back to it in a coffin and get buried (unless you want to get cremated in which case your body is burned so you don’t feel quite that connected to a cemetery I guess). Anyway it is an eye popping experience as you see people with varying span of life years are buried and name of the person along with the name of their spouses or their parents are written and also their date of birth and death and some kind of inscription to define life or them are engraved on it by the engraver at the request of their surviving loved ones. Most of the people who visit always bring flowers and sometimes some fragrances and read from Holy books and sometimes they cry and remember the good old days of their deceased loved ones. People don’t want to be reminded that one day they will also be in the ground because the thought of it is so fearsome and uncomfortable that most people would rather not talk about it. And then there are those kinds of people who have bought plots of land in the cemetery so that they can be buried next to their loved ones. Any which way you cut, a visit to the cemetery is the most realistic and one of the most fearsome experiences you would ever encounter in your life.

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