Friday, April 3, 2015

Restroom stories-2

When you enter a public restroom, you want to get out of there as soon as possible since the stench of the pee and feces can sometimes overwhelm you. The sink where you wash after you have done your thing is not that good either. I really hate to use the urinal because it just gives me the shivers to stand with other men and do the thing. I know that for some people it is the thing to go since they can be in hurry and the restrooms stalls are no fun to enter into, but I had rather wait than to use the urinals. It is just my thing nothing against anybody. In some of the restrooms stalls you will people making things on the doors and sometimes writing phone numbers like somebody would really call them. This happen quite often in colleges but you can also see it in the public restrooms. I don’t know how can have the time to sit there (or stand) and do writing and other personal matters on the walls of the restrooms. Since I am a male I can only write about what goes on the male side of the restrooms as I am sure there may be many stories on the female side too. All I can say that although it is my habit to check restrooms to see how much hygiene or clean they are but it is not fun when you have to share that restroom with thousands of people and the sanitary conditions they are in cannot be described because despite all the efforts of administration, it is still pretty dirty and the faster you are out of there, they better.

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