Sunday, September 6, 2020

U.S. Troops withdrawal

 Recently the U.S. government announced that they will withdraw some troops out of Germany out of which some will come home and some may be reassigned somewhere else. Immediately as usual there was a big hue and cry especially from Germany and also some Republican and Democrats in the U.S. that it is not a good movie, especially in the view of a hostile Russian posture and damage to the U.S. commitment and credibility. I have been emphasizing here that it time to bring those troops home and let the Europeans raise the defense budget to defend their own countries instead of relying on the U.S. for much of their defense which is a legacy of the World War II. Although the host countries may or may not been contributing to the costs of the hosting the U.S. soldiers but irrespective of who is paying the bills, it is time the U.S. starts to take care of their country instead of providing round the clock security to Europe. During this more advance times, the U.S. can easily send their soldiers faster than it before in slower times and also with new offensive weapons, the U.S. can launch missiles while at the same time making sure the troops reach as fast as possible.

The Europeans should also realize that the U.S. cannot forever be there for them and even with reduced troops the presence will still be there (although I don’t agree with even less troops). The U.S. needs to align more troops in places where it is needed or make sure the troops can reach faster instead of basing their troops in countries where even the citizenry don’t want them there feeling them a potential target in case of conflict breaking out. So bringing back troops is the right and correct decision.

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