Sunday, September 6, 2020

The vast array of streaming is driving me nuts

 I was just today looking at options of streaming sites and it seems streaming sites are spreading like wild fire, with every body who has some original content is ready to jump in the streaming wars and make some money. Apart the obvious ones who have a huge content to rely on, I just thought of comic sites which I had ignored earlier and discovered DC comic, Marvel and Kings Features which distributes comics to newspapers around the world.  Then you can find streaming sites dedicated horror, and thriller, and classic movies and Animation and also recently I am hooked on a Chinese website which stream movies that are not available on any other sites since it has subtitles (which majority of Americans hate but I love the it and have got used to it long time ago since I like the original language movies). So coming back to streaming options, people right now are subscribing in increasing numbers due to being confined to their homes and it remains to be seen how many will survive these streaming wars because if start subscribing to each one of them since they have exclusive contents, you will run easily into hundreds of dollars and also would not have to time to watch what they offer.

These websites will have to offer original content which is right now rare due to shutdown of studios in the United States and some countries at least. But I still wonder how many will remain in the field since they would need a decent amount of subscribers to remain profitable and for that to happen, they will have to invest heavily in make original and exclusive content and I don’t think some of them have the funds to keep on making exclusive content to chase the same number of people who may have subscribed to multiple streaming sites. So lets see what happens as the race is on. 

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