Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Mask Issue

 As with the political divide plaguing the United States, with the Coronavirus rampaging communities and states, there is a definitive resistance to wearing a mask in public, with most Republicans voters oppose to wearing it as compared to Democrats. The President has not been helpful either by not wearing the Mask himself to show his opposition. The various reasons that people give of not wearing masks is it is suffocating, they have a medical condition, it does not work, personal freedom, conspiracy theories and whatever you can come up excuses not to wear it, including some Politicians and Celebrities. Although it is being recommended by health officials and some states and cities have mandated it, people are refusing to wearing it and even partying without it especially the young crowd who seems to think they are invincible. I don’t have any issue with people not wearing it, it is their choice if they want to get the virus or not. Sometimes people have become confrontational with people who asked to wear it. These people who admonish people who are not wearing  a mask should butt out of people’s lives as I have read many stories of mask less people becoming violent when asked by masked people to cover their faces.

I understand that people are fed up with staying indoors and have to put with restrictions and think that the government is unnecessarily intruding on their private domain, but it is for their own betterment and for the people surrounding them. I don’t know why it is hard for American specially to stop partying for a few months until the government get hold of this virus. Why they are being impatient about partying. They partying is not going to go away if they behave. Due to this defiant attitudes of the Americans, most of the world don’t want them to come to their countries even though the Americans are the biggest spenders.  Even in their own country, some states or I should say each state has a mandated list of states from which their own citizens or other citizens should isolate themselves for 14 days when come from hard hit states. But still people are going about their lives like the Virus has been conquered and every thing is back to normal. If the people can only read and see that it is still spreading and people continue to die while the economy is in the gutter. Unless we collective make an effort to social distance and wear masks, nothing is going to change including opening of schools and Colleges and international travels which the Americans so much crave will remain very light and countries around the world will keep on shunning Americans as long as the cases spike. Is it too much to ask or am I being unreasonable. But as I keep on reading, the numbers are keep on increasing for the infected people which seems that people are not keen on getting this virus under control. Well I intend to keep on Face mask till it safe to take it off in public even if it takes years. I am not responsible for other people not wearing mask, but I can sure protect myself from deniers.



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