Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Mosque massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand

A shocking massacre in the peaceful island nation of New Zealand just shattered what would have been a place where the world wide violence of massacres perpetuated against helpless people praying peacefully in an island would never occur in one’s mind. But it did happen and 50 people killed and on top of this the massacre was streamed live on the internet which makes it all the more disgusting. It was done by a white supremacist Australian guy who had an anti immigrant agenda, the irony of it being he was also an immigrant which shows he was against Muslim immigrant in particular. This kind of massacre would have been more suited to the United States where the guns are easily available and the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected but not in a place which ranks constantly in the top countries of the world where the crimes are rare and a sort of massacre on this scale unheard of and unprecedented.
Now this plague of white supremacy turning into a killing spree is entering some of the most peaceful areas of the world and again access to guns have become an issue with semi automatic guns getting the most criticism and banning its access to all civilians gaining much voice even in the countries where this massacre phenomena all started. But for all this hatred, the island nation has come together to start the healing process and show that people of all different backgrounds can stand together and defeat this hateful agenda of racism, nationalism and bigotry.

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