Sunday, May 5, 2019

The College admission scandal

It never seizes to amaze me how creative can dumb people become when it comes to their kids who may or may not be interested in pursuing a college education. The recent college admission scandal where almost 50 people were charged including some high profile celebrities is a case in point. These people made sure their kids get into some of the prestigious colleges through hook or by crook (mainly crook) , paying enormous sums of bribes (disguised as donations)  to make sure their kids get admission to this great colleges. The changing of test scores on college admission tests and the recruitment of athletic departments to make their kids sports kids are some of the allegations. Is America trying to raise dumb kids or are the parents really to blame for pushing their reluctant kids to enter college when their kids are truly not in favor of it is the real question and the amount of bribes given makes me think that if they would have truly invested in some sort of company for their kids future, it would have been much better.
And some of the accused people have been so upstanding in their communities that they were consider honest to God people who would do no wrong and the accused people themselves thought that given these kind of money would not be considered against their moral judgments and against the law. The delusion of these uptight people and the scandal that they have created has really exposed the admission process of some of these colleges. I do hope that something good comes out of this scandal and people start to trust their kids and not push them in fields and in areas where they feel uncomfortable and out of place.

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