Sunday, May 5, 2019

Retail stores still needed

Despite the growth of the internet shopping craze with their 24 hours availability, the retail stores are not dead yet and they will not probably be as the internet craze led by giant plans to open bookstores after decimating or plainly saying outsmarted the books business and other business. For example the growth of home delivery of groceries may be increasing but I still go to the grocery store to buy my stuff as I cannot be at home by a certain time to receive my deliveries. The same can be said about buying Ice creams and pizza stores and pickup food from restaurants. Another example I can give you is buying your personal items, I have no hesitation in placing an order of dress shirts and socks and underwear and under vest for I have known their sizes for long and am comfortable with the orders that I place but for pants and shoes I really need to go to a retail store to trying them out. It is just me and I am sure some people may have perfected this art too so as to avoid going to retail store altogether.
My point is there are certain things that you are comfortable to order online and certain things which you cannot and for me buy a house, test driving a car before buying, pants and shoes and groceries still need my trips to them. Maybe some people feel different but I don’t see whole bunch of stores closing anytime soon although sometimes it seems that way with the headlines screaming one store or chain of stores closing. But despite this some of the retail stores are also enhancing their online presence and for once you cannot order your hot coffee and ice cream on line because for that you will have to get your ass up and either walk or drive to that store to enjoy fresh stuff.

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