Monday, May 28, 2018

The rise of the Social Media Protests

Since the inception and popularity of the social media, nothing seems to be hidden from the public eye any longer. Anything out of the ordinary you do or something that hurts another person physically is recorded instantly and put on the social media in real time and if it looks outrageous, it goes viral instantly forcing the person or persons doing the act run for cover or in some cases resign from their position. And that person if he or she is in a public authority, the corporation of public entity instantly comes under pressure to make amends to the person affected by their employees’ actions. If you have seen news lately, there has been constantly flurry of social media outrageous occurring almost daily and the sad (or fun) part is that despite all this outrage going on, some people still manage to the do the stupidest thing that they can think of even if in their normal daily life it would do fine and find themselves the scorn of the hundreds and thousands of social media public.
Prime examples of social media protests are numerous and it happens almost every day in the U.S. and around the world. It includes a guy being dragged out of his paid seat on an airline, two African American male being arrested in a star bucks for no fault and countless others which are happening as I write and will continue to be on going since everybody nowadays is keen to record anything and everything but if something is recorded which is controversial then the explosion of social media protests takes over like anything and the accusers are face to feel the wrath of the public as well as the law. Everybody knows that it has been happening for a long time but nowadays the difference is that all your negative actions are recorded for the world to see and you become a target of protests not only locally but also internationally. This is the power of social media and one should be careful what they should say or do because you never know who is recording and what is being recorded.

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