Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Healthy food is bad, unhealthy food is good

I eat food to live not live to eat food and as such I am much of a carnivorous than a vegetarian. But apart from regular food, I try to eat as much healthy food as possible but sometimes it is really hard as most of you have come to find out. I didn’t mean to say healthy food is bad as my title suggests but if one is not accustomed to it, it will taste weird. I will give you my example, I have started eating Wheat bread instead of the regular bread on doctor’s orders a few years ago and I am still continuing it, although it makes me yucky. Same thing goes with chips as I see original ones and then the ones with less fat content and obviously original ones are so good and the modified ones are not that great.  Chicken and lamb and fish are definitely better but red meat is the icing on the cake and even when I mostly eat Chicken and fish and lamb, I still crave steak and burgers once in a while.
I have seen people who have high blood pressure and cholesterol and are diabetics still sometimes cheat on their diet and eat unhealthy food although their version of unhealthy food is with no calories or fattening content but nevertheless not healthy. I sometimes don’t have the patience to go for the healthy food even it means good for my health as doctor ordered or nutritionist recommended food is not my cup of tea and I bet that overwhelming people will agree with me. If not you can just see the long lines outside burger joints and steak houses serving mostly fat filled food, although they have also added food which are considered healthy but their main revenue comes from the unhealthy part. And despite the phenomenon of organic food and dieting craze, there is an epidemic of obesity not only in the U.S. but all over the world and even when there is shortage of food; people tend to eat unhealthy meals whenever they can. I, for one, keep on trying to balance my intake of food but still junk food wins in the end.

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