Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hell No!

Although it has since been denied by the Pope but it was reported that in a private conversation, the Pope has said that there is no hell and after much protests, the Pope’s representative had to come out and said that he did not said such a thing. I was a little surprised by this statement but when the Pope’s rep came out with a rebuttal, I was somewhat relieved. But even if he had said this privately, why a person, no less a pope, who is a spiritual leader to hundreds of millions of Catholic Christians worldwide, would ever say that there is no hell.
I read a long time ago an article in a magazine that how the churches are increasingly deemphasizing the concept of hell and concentrate on the nice world of heaven. I don’t know why is that? Maybe because in the minds of people, a just and loving GOD will not create a place where a person would suffer ever for their sins committed in this world or maybe it is because nobody wants to hear their loved ones, not even the ones who have been super evil, suffer eternal damnation in hell. And mind you, I am not a religious scholar but to be just there has to a heaven and the counterpart hell. Because how would people believe that there is going to be justice done when some person is wrongly killed and there is no retribution in the hereafter. So anybody has the choice to say there is no hell but then they should better believe that there is no heaven either because you cannot be selective about one thing and not the other. So you can believe whatever you want but I for one believe that there is heaven and hell and what you sow in this world will reap in the hereafter unless you repent for your sins you do and make amends for what you did wrong to other people. No preaching here but that is my belief.

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