Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Great Drought of 2012

As of now the relentless drought that is plaguing most of the United States has lost some of its intensity, thanks due to some heavy downpour in some agricultural areas, but it would be too late as most of the crops have been destroyed by the drought. The great Mississippi river is also at record low levels. Can you imagine, this time last year it was in high flood stage. Now as it happens during these times, the continuing debate about climate change and global warming comes into play. There is no sure bet that it is global warming but what if it is, has the human beings doing anything about it or just resigned to the fact that it will keep on continuing. In this situation, the two camps on the extreme sides think that global warming is to blame for this drought and on the other hand opponents say that it is not the case. I have stopped paying attention to these arguments as an individual persons I try to recycle and avoid unnecessary damage to the environment but on the other hand, I don’t like hybrid cars and other gimmicks of the technology that says it is environmentally friendly. The only thing environmentally friendly is to bicycle or walk otherwise you are just deceiving yourself. Even the environmentalist would fly rather than bicycle to far flung areas of the world. Anyway that is the topic for another time, right now the drought hopefully will come to an end and this will fade back into memory.

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