Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A nation of laws or Lawsuits

We as a nation are proud of being a nation of laws but on the other side, these laws makes us more litigious than any other country on earth. Everybody is ready to sue somebody and as one of my law professors told our class that he was also being sued by other lawyers .One time he told us that if you want to sue somebody sue a couple of other related persons so that if you can't get anything from the principal party, you will at least have a chance of getting something from other parties named in the litigation. That is why you see that the U.S. has the highest number of lawyers in the world with more than 200 law schools churning out thousands of lawyers and raking in millions. Although having a law degree adds to the prestige but on the other side, the lawyers have one of the highest numbers of bad reputation out of all professions. Despite all our loathing about lawyers and their profession, we can’t live without them as the laws are so complicated that you need professional help to deal with it. and since everybody is ready to sue everybody else on the simplest of excuses, our love/hate relationship with the law profession continues unabated. It is only here in America that every step of the way you engage lawyers so that you can protect yourself from the other party and spent thousands of dollars which can be well spent on other priorities. Although I can understand that there are situations where you are justifiably right to file a lawsuit but there are also many instances where it is just a waste of time to even think about going through all the courts and legal battles and then lose ultimately or win something which does not justify its cost of pursuing in the first place.

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