Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Looking for Peace

If you have seen somewhere long time ago the sign of peace was everywhere, people were yearning for peace and they still do but it is harder and harder to come by. Look at around you, peace is as elusive as ever where different ethnicities are at loggerheads with other ethnicities. In Pakistan, people have been looking for peace a long time, but will not be able to find it anytime soon. So is the case of Afghanistan, where the war is never stopped since the 1979 soviet invasion of it. In Iraq despite the democratic government, bombs keep on exploding how and then. In Syria, we have a full blown civil war and the U.S. and Israel and the world is trying to avert another war in the Middle East with Iran. Even in the cities of the western world, there are crimes going on with people afraid of their lives and property and yearn for a time when they will be able to walk freely anytime of day without free of being victimized (especially in the minority neighborhoods of big cities of U.S.). Peace signs are a good and wishful gesture but it is meaningless when even the democratic governments of the world ignore their citizens’ protests to not go to war. It is at the top that peace should be initiated; otherwise we would always be looking for peace in the wrong places.

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