Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shape of Opinions

The people who are in different countries are influenced by their own media and their own environment. That is my conclusion after talking to one of the persons and reading the newspapers of different countries. It is hard to have your own opinion when the people around you keeps on churning out stories and conspiracy theories about what is going on in their country. Even if you try to form your own opinion and then air them, you are either accused of being naïve or just a puppet of foreign powers. You are shunned by your friends and other acquaintances and are in rare circumstances a target of threats.

Even so called educated people are swept away in these lies or half truths and then are ultimately convinced to join these people’s crazy theories. It is just reflection of diverting the problems of their own lives and blaming everything on other people and this obscures the real debate and no real solution is found for the problems.
It is thus this mentality of blaming every problem on others that lead to nowhere and absolves people of their actions and behaviors.

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