Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The failed bombing in Times Square, New York-2

The more details coming out of the suspect of the failed bombing in New York City, the angrier I am becoming. This guy had everything in his life that many people in the so called third world countries can only dream of and nobody ever did any harm to him and he wanted to blow up Times Square because he was so whacked out in his mind. It is shameful that just because a few bad apples are psycho, the whole race of one country then gets singled out.

No punishment should be small enough for this sorry excuse for a human being. I believe that if somebody is harming his country after taking an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and defend it if necessary, there should be no mercy shown to that person. He should be given the full maximum punishment allowed under the law.
Even though I am still against racial profiling and I know that I can be subjected to it but I believe it is one of the many tools that the homeland security should deploy in order to find out who is or who wants to be threat to this country.

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