Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The failed bombing in Times Square, New York

This past Saturday, there was a failed bombing attempt in Times Square, New York. Thankfully due to the alertness of a T-shirt vendor, we were spared the worst of the casualties. Due to the diligence of the law enforcement officers of the New York city and state, we are constantly been protected by the worst of individuals who want to harm us.Despite all the efforts of the various terrorists’ organizations, we have been spared the death and destruction that accompany bombings.

In light of the fact that the terrorists keep on targeting New York City, it is now imperative on the Federal Government to concentrate more of the law enforcement funding in New York city. But the law enforcement people can’t do much if they don’t have the cooperation of the people of New York and the tourists who visit it. So we should all be vigilant and alert to any suspicious activity that we observe and report it immediately even if it is a false alarm.

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