Sunday, January 3, 2021

The 12th Anniversary of my Father’s death

Another year has passed and the pain is still there. There is no other way to describe how much I miss my father. He was so loving and caring for me that it hurts even to write this article every year. I recently went back to this grave and paid my respects  and I would not have imagined I would be doing it but time does not heal what the most precious being in the world leaves you and there is no other one to advise you of the life’s intricacies. You cannot turn to another human being for advise as nobody is more loving and care for you then your own father. Although it is a natural process but it hurts that he is no longer in this world and it has been now 12 years and still the pain does not go away that I could not talk to the one person that has so much invested in me and cared for me all through my life. It is really hard to live life like this and I just feel so lonely sometimes that I cannot share my opinion with anybody else nor I can take advantage of his experience. I was extremely lucky that I had my father with me all my time and that is why it is so hurtful and the emptiness in my life will never again be filled. I love you DAD forever.

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