Sunday, January 31, 2021

Corona Virus Vaccine as Solution?

 Now that we have several vaccines available for Corona Virus and people are getting vaccinated or some plan to in several countries, is it the right solution and do people have to get relaxed and venture out without masks and social distance or more precaution need to be taken. Well as some of my acquaintances who have been front line workers taken the vaccines, there is no time to relax or put down your mask. At least I for one am not planning to take off my mask in this New Year, as I would not know if the person beside me has taken the vaccines or he/she would not put a sign on their chest that I have been vaccinated.  Some very rare cases of side effects like with any vaccines being taken have been reported but it is too early to tell if the vaccine is effect, although extensive trials been done to prove its potency.

And it has now become very nationalistic to say their vaccine is great instead of being for all humanity. Like the Chinese and Russians are giving their citizens their own vaccines while exporting it countries who have good relations with them. The western countries are also selling it to other countries. But whose vaccines will be more effective, only time will tell. For now it is safe to say that wearing mask and social distancing and washing your hands is the only safe way to make oneself and your loved ones safe from the Virus until the vaccines are widely available and the effective of the vaccines have become known widely. Even after that it is better to keep your mask on for some to come.

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