Sunday, October 4, 2020

The UAE-Israeli Deal

 An unsurprising surprise came just a few weeks before that the UAE (Knows United Arab Emirates ) the kingdom of seven small wealthy states in the Arabian Gulf has decided to establish ties with Israel under supposed pressure or nudging of the United States. Given that the Arabs have been staunch supporters of the Palestinian cause (supposedly) this came as a surprise to some but for others it was business as usual as they knew that the Arabs have been working back channels to establish relationship with Israel while giving lip service to Palestinian (it is their fault too)  cause which was just a fake support to appease their already subdued population as their population is already suppressed to the extent that they don’t care anymore what happens to other Muslims or even their so called Arabs brothers.

I was under no illusion that this would happen but for some it is a surprise but the hatred of Shiite Iran, a Muslim country, is so overwhelmingly that they are ready to make peace with the supposedly sworn enemy, Israel. It will not come as a surprise if we see more Arab countries (reportedly Bahrain and Oman next with Sudan already contemplating relations) embrace Israel as they fight dissident, poverty and rotten to the core their economies despites spending Billions from aid from rich and Western countries. But the embrace with Israel will not them make them prosperous as they know already and also know that they are unable to fight a very powerful and very technological advanced Israel and thus they are just following the English idiom “ the Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”.

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