Sunday, October 4, 2020

Fires all over again

 It is that season again in the Western United States particularly California that the fires are burring once again. And the latest news is that the fires have already consumed more area bigger than the State of Rhode Island and it is not stopping. It has now even engulfed the iconic Redwood forest. The State has already depleted most of its fire fighting resources and have called for Firefighters to come from other states to come and help them. I was already intrigued by the fires happening in the west with very less in the north east only in Southern New Jersey and very rarely in the heavily forested areas of upstate New York, Vermont and Maine. I started looking into why is that and without going into technical details, you can just say that Western fires have erupt in California mostly is the rest of different climate than in the Northeast with more drought and dry complete than the wetter climate we encounter in the North East.

With less rain to go along with in California and more trees than usual and more people living off the grid and near heavily forested areas, there is a tendency have more fires . Although there are calls for people to move away from these areas but some folks being stubborn and some can’t afford to move to pricier cities of California are unable to afford to move and hence they keep on enduring year after year of burnt homes and devastated communities but due to lack of resources keep on building in the same place abated by government who have failed to tackle the high cost of California living and thus precious resources which is supposed to help communities grow is instead spent on saving communities and lives in areas which are knowingly prone to wild fires every year like the government tolerance of supporting building in areas in the path of hurricanes. And thus the miseries of people keeps on going year after year with no end in sight. And the numbness of the pain inflicted on people has become normalized for most of the people.

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