Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sick of Corona, but this is the news right now

I know that most or even all of the people are pretty sick of Corona news but that is the real news out there with global outbreak still peaking in almost all the countries of the world save China (doubtful?!) and it has really upended the lives of all people including yours truly. Although I can work from home but most people in the restaurant and hotel industry and who deal with face to face interaction with people are getting laid off right and left. All over the world, Governments are initiating lock down of their citizens not to venture outside their homes if it not essential and the devastation of the business is being mitigated by the immense amount of money the governments are thrown in to save businesses and jobs. All talk of fiscal responsibility has been thrown of the window to help all kinds of people deal with this virus financially.
Even if this virus completely vanishes in a month or so, life will not come to normality anytime during the summer. This Virus has transformed the lives of human beings all over the world. Take for me as an example, my office had started to implement at least once a week to work from home and I was on the fence and taking it lightly as I was used to commuting to work, but with this virus, I am working from home and loving it since I am saving tons of money and also commute nightmare. This will definitely change how employers perceive work from home and how the employees will take advantage of being productive from home. I am working more hours but I also know that once I log off from my office server, I can just literally walk to my sofa or bed without worrying about commute. Also you will start to see lots of people wearing face mask even if this virus is somehow controlled. It will take a lot of time for people to be comfortable going into theaters and coming in close contact with people, and also the airlines will have a hard time making people accept social distancing as the travel industry is based on people cramming in one places like hotels and resorts. I feel for the people who are unable to work from home due to the nature of their industries and who have been laid off as I myself have been laid off three times previously so I know how it sucks. Despite governments massive efforts to help people with their financial needs, there will still be a lot of people who would not get the required help as every industry is hurting right now since many places are shut down to control this virus. With the best technology in places, even a vaccine for this virus is going to take anywhere between 12 to 18 months, although people of various countries are trying to come up with their localized and home grown remedy to escape from this virus. The one main problem is that instead of coordinating a world wide effort to control this disease, it seems that every country is now working to keep non citizens out of their countries and shutting their countries in order to control it. Although it has become a small world due to Internet and travel but when it comes to seeking sanctuary from this disease, the only way countries are fighting this is to shut down their countries from outside influence. It is a sad state but this is the reality that is being practiced all over the world.

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